The Investigative Reporters and Editors has released the list of finalists for its inaugural Golden Padlock Award honoring a U.S. government agency for its unrelenting commitment to undermining the public’s right to know.  And RobsOhio was listed at the top of the list, getting special mention given the recent effort of Governor Kasich and the Ohio Republican legislature to even shield it from audit by a Republican State Auditor.

JobsOhio has four competitors: the New Jersey Transit System (which redacted an entire report on hurricane preparedness except for the title), a Georgia County tax official, and the U.S. Border Patrol, among the nominees.  The winner will be announced at their conference on the 21st, and the group said “a representative from the winning agency will be invited to receive the honor.”

We’d ask JobsOhio if they’ve been notified whether to send a representative, but, they wouldn’t tell us.  That alone should get them the reward.

Fingers crossed!