Patrick Johnston, founder of the anti-abortion group Personhood Ohio, sent out an email this past weekend encouraging recipients to help his cause by “buying an assault rifle” and “some high capacity magazines and a ton of ammo.”

He wasn’t suggesting they buy just any assault rifles, mind you, but assault rifles from Johnston’s personal collection including two Chinese SKS rifles and a MAK 90.  All three weapons use the same ammunition the AK 47 (7.62×39mm). Two of the rifles come with high capacity magazines and one includes a drum holding 100 rounds. He is also auctioning off 2550 rounds of ammo.

Because….  hey! nothing screams Pro-Life like an assault rifle sale.


Johnston in his Intolerant shirt. The back of the shirt reads: Homosexuality is a sin, Islam is a lie, abortion is murder.

It’s fair to say that proponents of Personhood legislation, which seeks to provide all the rights of citizenship to a fertilized egg, are on the extreme fringes of the anti-abortion movement.   And the term Extremist certain fits Johnston.

The Other Paper described Johnston as “uninsured Zanesville family practitioner, Christian radio host, an active anti-LGBT and Operation Save America activist, and one-time Libertarian candidate for state representative in Ohio’s 94th District.”

In addition to penning homophobic rants for his website, Johnston also writes anti-abortion fantasy fiction about armed anti-abortion activists who violently secede from the United States to form a Coalition of Free Christian States.


UPDATE:  Readers have asked to see the full email so we’ve included it below.