Ohio ranks 47th in private sector job creation over the past month when you measure by percentage increase in new jobs (which is a fairer way to measure as it accounts for differences in population).  Today, the Pew Charitable Trusts put those numbers in this handy graphic form:


Not only is Ohio tied for 47th, but over the past twelve months, Ohio has barely shown any job growth at all.  In fact, the only way Ohio could drop lower is if it were actually losing jobs.

But never fear, fellow citizen, JobsOhio is on the case with its brilliant job creation strategy:  it’s creating jobs by hiring more people to work for it.  In fact, JobsOhio looks to double the size of its staff by the end of this year.  And why not expand JobsOhio?  It’s apparently the only way it can spend its money in secret and actually create jobs.

  • dmoore2222

    And the more employees they have the greater the chance for abuse and scandal. Hey, when you have millions of dollars sitting around and no accountability it’s bound to result in someone helping themself to the largesse. This was a bad idea back then and it’s even now when you see the pathetic job numbers. What Ohio needs is not more overpaid CEOs taking money from the state and creating slave wage jobs. We need infrastructure improvement, adequate school funding, and affordable higher education costs. THAT will bring companies to Ohio, not a political slush fund dressed up like an economic development program.

  • Erica Leslie

    Thank you for posting this graph showing that the TOP THREE states in job growth percentages are RIGHT TO WORK STATES. Five out of the top Seven are also Right to Work States. It’s time that Ohio do something for the employees rather than the lobbyist union organizations. Give employees the freedom of choice, and more employers will choose Ohio.

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