JobsOhio's new ad campaign will celebrate Ohio's improved business climate as proclaimed in a survey by Chief Executive magazine. It’s either that or they’re going with “Unofficial Kasich campaign committee.”

Let’s remember that the entire idea of JobsOhio came from Mark Kvamme, a maxed out campaign donor to Kasich who just also happened to be one of the major funders of Kasich’s Recharge Ohio PAC and other PACs that Kasich used to keep his political staffers on the payroll during his time in the political wilderness between his failed 2000 presidential bid and his 2010 run for Governor.  The day AFTER Kvamme left JobsOhio, he just happened to write $25,000 in campaign donations to the House Republican Caucus and Speaker Batchelder.

His successor, John Minor, just happens to be an old Kasich friend from his Lehman Brothers’ days.  A guy who donated $7,500 to Kasich during his 2010 gubernatorial bid (a fact that no media outlet has pointed out.)  Yes, you’ve read that correctly, the first two and only heads of JobsOhio have one thing in common: they’ve been big donors to John Kasich’s campaign before they got the job.

And now we’re told this:

JobsOhio has launched an advertising campaign built around the high marks the state’s business climate received in a recent survey of CEOs by Chief Executive magazine.

JobsOhio will run the ads over the next three weeks, beginning this weekend, said Laura Jones, spokeswoman for the state’s private economic development organization.

Print ads will run in Ohio business journals, including Columbus Business First, and the Sunday editions of the daily newspapers in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some of the ads will run out of the state in digital editions of some outlets, but as such, they’re less likely to be noticed and at a much cheaper price and less saturation than the print ads will cost.  But if the message is, wow, Ohio’s making huge strides in improving its business climate, who’s the intended audience of this campaign?  If it’s businesses we’re trying to lure to Ohio, this ad buying strategy doesn’t make any sense.  You don’t lure businesses by telling Ohioans how great it is do to business in Ohio.

So, either RobsOhio has turned into the Department of Economic Derp, or luring businesses is not their intended audience.  Actually, we know that luring businesses outside of Ohio is not their intended audience because JobsOhio itself has declared that is not their focus.  So, the most rational, deductive explanation for what JobsOhio is doing is targeting voters ahead of the gubernatorial election.  That would actually explain their ad buying strategy.

But notice that much like the CEO Magazine ranking itself, the ad is devoid of any context.  It doesn’t tell the reader what, if any thing Ohio’s done to improve it’s culture.  It can’t because CEO Magazine itself couldn’t explain Ohio’s movement even though Ohio was one of the few States to show any positive movement despite the fact that its ratings for Ohio either stayed the same or got worse.  JobsOhio cannot even brag about Ohio’s actual ranking in the survey as we’re pretty much in the middle of the pack.  We can’t talk about job creation since we’re 46th in overall job creation over the past months.  Kasich can’t talk about the taxes he’s cut yet because, so far, the only taxes he’s cut was the repeal of the estate tax and the creation of the tax credit program he passed for American Greetings… which blew up in his face.

In fact, note what JobsOhio cannot even say in the ad and what it has not said elsewhere.  JobsOhio doesn’t even suggest that companies are moving to Ohio en masse because of this “improved business climate.”  It can’t because it has no statistics with which to even ATTEMPT to make that claim.  In fact, as we pointed out last month, JobsOhio’s performance in bringing in jobs from outside of Ohio has apparently gotten so bad that they didn’t even bother to include any figures on it in JobsOhio’s most recently quarterly report.

So, if this CEO Magazine thing was more than just a campaign talking point devoid of any real substance, why is our “most improved business climate” resulted in less job creation and less migration into Ohio?  In fact, as CEO Magazine pointed out, our migration OUT of Ohio has gone up during the same year our “business climate” was supposedly improving.  Kasich’s donors can spend all the corporate money JobsOhio has to try to fool Ohioans otherwise, but we know we can do better than the failed policies of Kasichnomics.