The Toledo Blade reports that the Center for Choice has closed in Toledo. The clinic was unable to get a transfer agreement from ProMedica, Mercy, or University of Toledo hospitals.

As I said earlier, transfer agreements are a requirement for ambulatory surgery centers. They’re redundant because of federal law, but the Ohio Department of Health is using them as a pretext to shut down abortion providers.

In Bowling Green, Kasich was asked by a UTMC medical student if he would veto the line item in the state budget that would close most of the state’s abortion providers by exploiting this loophole.

According to the Blade, Kasich demurred by saying he’s “pro-life”. If that’s the case, why not veto the parts of the budget that will increase the infant mortality rate in Ohio?

He then gave a speech “which focused largely on what he said is his mission to grow the state economically by… lowering regulatory barriers.”

Look, it’s fine if you think pregnant women ought to have the baby. That doesn’t mean that women aren’t people.

But you can only think that shutting down businesses for women “doesn’t count” if you think that women “don’t count” as patients and decision-makers.

If Kasich signs a regulatory catch-22 that shutters businesses and jeopardizes the health of women, he’s either anti-business or a sexist.