From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today, the conservative organization Opportunity Ohio began touting its report  “Medicaid in Ohio: The Choice is Clear” a report that argues against Governor Kasich’s support for expanding Medicaid under the President’s Affordable Care Act.  However, the report notes on its cover page that it was authored by Jonathan Ingram, Director of Research at the Foundation for Government Accountability, a Florida group with ties to ALEC and the Cato Institute that provided the research that Tea Party Governor Rick Scott unsuccessfully cited to justify his failed attempt to require welfare recipients to be subjected to suspicionless drug testing […]

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The Toledo Blade reports that the Center for Choice has closed in Toledo. The clinic was unable to get a transfer agreement from ProMedica, Mercy, or University of Toledo hospitals.

As I said earlier, transfer agreements are a requirement for ambulatory surgery centers. They’re redundant because of federal law, but the Ohio Department of Health is using them as a pretext to shut down abortion providers.

In Bowling Green, Kasich was asked by a UTMC medical student if he would veto the line item in the state budget that would close most of the state’s […]

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California recently released the rates for Covered California, their insurance exchange. Everybody is pleasantly surprised at how low they are (except Republicans).

The unsubsidized Silver plan is $272 for a $2000 deductible. It’s shocking because everybody expected prices along the lines of employer plans–which is on average $437 a month in California*.

As I said earlier, that doesn’t make a huge difference for consumers; your premium is a percentage of your income, as is your deductible. Most people will be paying around $110 (or getting a $5000-deductible plan for free). Under 3% of the public will be […]

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The Ohio Republican Party drum-rolled its new “dynamic” website Monday with the sort of synthetic excitement one might find in a TV ad for industrial strength floor soap. It boasted that the party was  “creating a movement”-  and we dare not take that thought much farther.  “A party united.” it exclaimed, hoping to create one of those ballpark waves for the home team.   “A state of freedom,” it declared, which such groups as Planned Parenthood and altar-bound same-sex  couples might want to contest.

OK, so it’s political fiction hoisted on the wings of the Right.

The party’s press release announcing the arrival […]

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Today, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Governor Kasich is going to issue an executive order “directing all state-run boards, commissions and departments issuing occupational licenses to take into account a veteran’s military education, skills training and service time when determining equivalency for licensing requirements.”  Which sounds nice, until you realize that practically, it’s totally meaningless.  It’s a typical “I love kittens and puppies” resolution that politicians do when they want to look like they’re doing something for veterans, without, you know, doing something to help veterans around election season.  The executive order doesn’t even add veterans’ experience to what […]

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