From the daily archives: Friday, June 7, 2013

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor also holds the Cabinet-level position in Kasich Administration as the head of the Ohio Department of Insurance in addition to being over Kasich’s “CSI” (Claiming Strickland’s Ideas) regulatory reform program, which is a remarkable plate of responsibilities given just how invisible and little we hear about Mary Taylor since taking office.

As far as anyone can tell, the main focus of Taylor’s tenure as Insurance Commissioner is concern trolling ObamaCare.

In 2011, Taylor’s office released a report from Milliman Inc. which said all sorts of horrible things about what ObamaCare would do to premiums […]

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Jon Husted’s office says that it’s “worth looking into” whether or not absentee voters who cast a provisional ballot should be prosecuted.

I looked into it. Here’s the damn law:

If a registered elector appears to vote… and that elector has requested an absent voter’s ballot… but the director has not received… that elector’s [ballot]… the elector shall be permitted to cast a provisional ballot…

The statute doesn’t encourage voting provisionally, but it anticipates that voters will want to vote provisionally if they’re uncertain about their absentee ballot.  And it expressly permits what these voters did.

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Pretty much every newspaper in Ohio has had either a columnist or an editorial blasting the JobsOhio amendment in SB 67 that prevent it from being publicly audited by the State Auditor.  Today’s Toledo Blade editorial titled “Audit JobsOhio” being just the latest must-read one.   Undeterred, apparently, the Senate Republicans added to the State budget before passing it yesterday a provision that would allow local government bodies to exempt from public meeting laws when discussing awarding tax credits for economic development.  The rationale for it, according to State Senator Bill Seitz, is why should local government […]

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