From our “We Really Aren’t Just Making It Up” Department, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Governor Kasich will sign SB 67, which will prevent the ability of the State Auditor to complete his public audit of JobsOhio and prevent countless other private companies receiving State monies from being publicly audited as well, in a private, closed door ceremony.

  • Stephen Beard

    Wouldn’t want those pesky reporters around asking, you know, questions.

  • dmoore2222

    No suprise here. This is the way they like to do things. Even the Dispatch thinks this is foolishness.

  • A private closed-door ceremony is an appropriate setting for a bill signing event that will close the door to state oversight of this private scheme. JobsOhio RobsOhio!

  • DublinIrishBob

    Dispatch reporters don’t report State news, they merely read the talking points and/or press releases from the GOP. The Dispatch will go to court to find the name of a 14 year-old Dublin student who was involved in a fracas or other violation of school policies, quietly lets Kasich and the GOP machine hide anything that they choose. They are a joke and do not deserve any kind of respect.

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