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“If we didn’t have a guy like Secretary of State Husted around, we would probably have to invent him.”

That’s that we wrote about John Husted back in December.  What was true then remains true now.

“Voter fraud does exist, but it’s not an epidemic,” Husted recently said in response to a report studying alleged voter fraud and voter suppression.

It was just one year ago that Husted was so fired up about voter fraud that he was demanding a meeting with the United States Attorney General to discuss the fact that some counties appeared to have more registered voters […]

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Attorney General Mike DeWine is in full-on campaign mode, traveling the state looking for any opportunity to get himself in front of a TV camera where he can often be seen announcing some fancy new initiative.   Sadly, when the cameras are gone, and the hard work of actually implementing these initiatives begins, DeWine has moved on to the next press event.

Last month Mike DeWine announced a new task force to help prosecutors bring cases against Internet cafes.  He made the announcement before “assisting” with raids (in front of TV cameras, of course) on […]

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The PD makes it more official

On May 22, 2013 By

Subscribers to the Plain Dealer woke up Wednesday to the paper’s official word on its new version of summer reading.  In a front-page Dear Readers column by  Robert Perona, the senior vice president of circulation, we were told  of the historic event scheduled for August 5 when the paper will shrink to a three-days-a-week home delivery with all sorts of “enhancement” to your “week end experience”

Like most newspaper announcements of their in-house plans to serve readers, the boilerplate column left us with many upbeat promises to soften the blow of days without a paper on our door step.  The Wednesday-Friday-Sundaycircuit will be offered as a […]

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History of the Diversion of Family Planning Funds in Ohio
by Gary Dougherty

Tomorrow, after the subcommittees have completed their work, the full Senate Finance Committee will hear additional testimony on HB 59, the state budget bill.  This could be one of the last opportunities to advocate for the removal of language proposing to change the way federal family planning funds are distributed in Ohio.

Budget bills have long been a popular vehicle for enacting public policy in Ohio.  Because the bills are thousands of pages long (currently at 4,509 pages, HB 59 is approximately a foot and a […]

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Last month we broke the story of Republicans trying to disenfranchise Ohio college students.  The plan, buried in the Ohio House budget, would penalize Ohio universities that provide proof of residency documents to students who live on campus.   Without such documentation, many students would not be able to comply with voter ID laws and would be forced to vote provisionally.

When asked about the plan, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office told Talking Points Memo that “he is not pushing for the universities to provide students with documentation to help them register to vote.”

“This is not […]

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By all accounts, State Representative Connie Pillich should not even be in the legislature right now.   When Governor Strickland appointed then State Representative Jim Raussen to a post at the Ohio Department of Development shortly before the 2008 election (and Raussen accepted), it avoided the 2006 rematch in which Pillich, an Air Force veteran who served in support of both Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, narrowly lost.  After the Republicans quickly unified around a replacement candidate, Pillich narrowly carried the district by a little over 5,000 votes.

In the 2010 election, Pillich was pitted against Mike Wilson, the head […]

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We have an uphill battle to get voters to blame Kasich for local government cuts. It’s a risky strategy because it cuts against a number of longstanding cultural biases that Republicans have exploited for a generation. The FitzGerald campaign (and progressives in general) will need radical tactics to create a facsimile of responsible party government in Ohio over the next 18 months.

Responsible party government is a government wherein voters know what elected officials are doing, and the results of those policies. For example, let’s say Party A wants to reform the state tax code without losing revenue. They pass […]

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For the first two years of his term as Attorney General, we didn’t hear much from Mike DeWine.   But as the race heats up for the 2014 election cycle, you can’t seem to turn on the TV or open a paper lately without seeing him photobombing any story or event that might get his face or name in front of Ohioans.

The Steubenville rape trial, the Cincinnati IRS office scandal, the shootings at Sandy Hook, the Cleveland rape victims, the Cleveland police-involved shooting… DeWine’s press team has found a way for DeWine to capitalize on all of these […]

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On Wednesday, Speaker Batchelder told the media that if the Senate would add an emergency clause to HB 7, a bill that would effectively make Internet sweepstakes cafes an illegal form of gambling in Ohio, he had the votes in the House to sustain it.    Which isn’t really that surprising given that when it passed the House last month, it passed with the 66 votes (two-thirds majority) it would take to sustain it as an emergency measure.  This is significant because as an emergency measure, HB 7 would take effect immediately after receiving Governor Kasich’s signature, and emergency measures […]

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Lionel Hutz: I’m here defending you on the charges of . . . (looks at sheet) Murder One!? Wow.  Even if I lose I’ll be famous!

What is going on with the Republican Prosecutors in Southwest Ohio?

Yesterday, we noted that Republican Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters was thinking about pursuing what can only be described as politically motivated prosecutions of voters who cast provisional ballots after submitting absentee ballots.  (Key idea: none of the voters cast more than vote.)

Previously, we brought you the story of Republican Warren County prosecutor David Fornshell, who pursued a politically motivated […]

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Poor Rob Portman.  It’s not  enough that Mitt Romney ignored his faithful traveling companion in Ohio in choosing Paul Ryan as a running mate;  it’s not enough that the GOP right-wing is flapping hysterically because of his seismic  shift to support gay marriage; it’s not enough that the liberals have targeted him because of his opposition to background checks (and a lot of other things).

Portman,  the junior senator from Ohio – more accurately, the right-leaning Cincinnati area – has now become a noun and a verb.  As in :  Portmanization.   And Portmanize.  These are not words that have been pattering […]

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