From the daily archives: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Somehow, I’m going to miss Michele Bachmann.  It has taken me so long to remember whether she spelled her name with one “l” or two, as in Obama and Pfeiffer.  (I didn’t always succeed in print!)

For the lifespan of my  Grumpy Abe and Plunderbund posts , she  provided bizarre “content” when everything else seemed to be on the serious side while Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert  and Rand Paul were taking the day off.  You may recall that it was Gohmert, the wacko Republican representative from Texas who advanced the notion that immigrant women bear children  on American soil so  that the […]

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 Less than twenty-four hours after a House committee attached an amendment to prevent the State Auditor’s Office from completing its audit of JobsOhio and rushed it to a floor vote to pass it in the House, this morning the State Senate held a concurrance vote to accept the House changes.  On an up and down vote on whether to accept SB 67 with the RobsOhio provision excepting it from decades of case law and statues that clearly stated such an entity would be subject to public audits by the Ohio Auditor’s Office, the Senate passed SB 67 by a 22-10 […]

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