The Republicans in the Ohio Legislature care more about ideology above the Constitution.

That is the only conclusion we can draw from the decision to continue to defund Planned Parenthood in the latest budget proposal.

As BudgetWatcher highlighted about a year ago, the idea is to “re-prioritize” state family planning and other services in such a way that Planned Parenthood would no receive any funding.

As we noted back last February, this law is unconstitutional.  The gist of the argument is that a state plan to reallocate federal family planning in a way that leaves little or no money for Planned Parenthood or similar groups violates the Free Speech, Association, and Due Process rights of Planned Parenthood.  This is because the law is designed to punish Planned Parenthood for its advocacy of abortion rights and provision of constitutionally protected medical services.

This isn’t our theory.  This is what the federal courts have consistently held.

Recently:  A federal judge in Arizona blocked that state from defunding Planned Parenthood in substantially the same way that Ohio would.

The hope that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court would intervene to help Republicans suffered a significant blow yesterday when the Supreme Court declined to her an appeal from a decision blocking Indiana from defunding Planned Parenthood.

And we haven’t even mentioned how this is terrible policy and will harm vulnerable women.

In the end, Ohio Republicans will spend taxpayer money trying to defend a clearly unconstitutional law in order to make an ideological point.

Didn’t they take some kind of oath to uphold the constitution??

  • Fred Davis

    The same oath that allows them to ban guns despite the 2nd Amendment?

  • SlapFat

    Interesting conflation, albeit a misguided one. What the Ohio GOP is doing with Planned Parenthood amounts to a bill of attainder. That’s illegal. Regulating the use of firearms (a 9 year-old can’t buy a bazooka- reasonable, right?) is an entirely different arena. So thanks for your comment.

    Universal background checks and ban assault weapons, please. And no need to restrict funding to Planned Parenthood.

  • Fred Davis

    No no no… not background checks and assault weapons bans… the
    complete banning of firearms. Most liberals believe there is no right
    to bear arms and that the 2nd Amendment is an anachronism that can read
    out of the BoR. This belief is pervasive in the liberal legal circles. Your 9 y/o example is absurd and you know it.

    Bill of attainder? Oh please…

  • Annah

    I dont feel bad for Ohio….they elect these dictators. This is the price you pay when you refuse to participate in your government.

  • CherMoe

    No, Republicans NOW uphold their oath to Norquist and the corporations!!!

  • CherMoe

    We also have quite a problem here with irregular votes, the Republicans trying to prevent voting, lost votes, faulty machines, etc. I wouldn’t say the majority of Ohioans are that stupid. Follow the MONEY and take note of the names of these crooks and liars.

  • CherMoe

    Fred, you’re sadly mistaken and repeating the Republican mantras. There are NO liberals that I know of who want to get rid of the 2nd Amendment OR to ban handguns. You’re so full of sh*t, you stink to high heaven. People want to make our country safer by not letting nuts like you own an arsenal and have military style weapons. Many of you allow children around weapons (i.e. the special ops ex-military guy whose kid shot him when he went to visit another military friend). What we want are reasonable laws. Come on, you guys want to regulate woman’s bodies, but not weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION?? Seriously? Wait till the carnage hits your own family!

  • Fred Davis


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