The Cincinnati Enquirer, which has never endorsed a Democrat for President or Governor, published a scathing editorial that slammed City Council’s budget for a structural imbalance, which will result in a 2015 deficit of $8 million.

That budget passed the key committee today, and will soon be passed.

Also passing out of committee today is the Ohio budget. This budget will carve another $628 million from local governments. It’s reasonable to expect a 2015 reduction in payment to Cincinnati in the neighborhood of $22 million, which is the reduction this year.

The Enquirer hasn’t mentioned that cut at all. Like, Enquirer readers have no idea that the LGF is being cut further.

This is what I was talking about when I said that local papers aren’t equipped to blame Kasich for local deficits. The vicious cycle works like this:

  1. GOP cuts funding to cities
  2. Dem councils can’t balance budget
  3. newspapers slam Dem councils
  4. exurban readers buy subscriptions
  5. newspapers endorse GOP to sate subscriber base
  6. GOP gets reelected
  7. GOP cuts funding to cities

Everybody profits from this arrangement (well, except Ohioans). There’s no reason to expect it to change… ever.

Also, the sentiment of the editorial staff is that a structurally unbalanced budget is embarrassing. Well, I’m sorry that your feelings of superiority will be jeopardized when you’re vacationing, but spending cuts affect actual lives. Cuts to Human Services that reduce access to health care are way, way more important than your bragging rights at trade conventions.

This is the same mindset that led to the idea of sequestration as punishment for members of Congress. No, it’s punishment for low-income families. If you want a Sword of Damocles for Congress, you say “reach a compromise or we reapportion the whole country into competitive districts”.

The Enquirer needs to set aside its ego and its profit motive. If it had any interest in balancing Cincinnati’s budget, it would endorse Ed FitzGerald this Sunday.