From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Cincinnati Enquirer, which has never endorsed a Democrat for President or Governor, published a scathing editorial that slammed City Council’s budget for a structural imbalance, which will result in a 2015 deficit of $8 million.

That budget passed the key committee today, and will soon be passed.

Also passing out of committee today is the Ohio budget. This budget will carve another $628 million from local governments. It’s reasonable to expect a 2015 reduction in payment to Cincinnati in the neighborhood of $22 million, which is the reduction this year.

The Enquirer hasn’t mentioned that cut […]

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I challenge our readers and anyone in the media to cite me one example in Ohio history prior to RobsOhio in which the legislature acted to stop a pending audit by the State Auditor or any pending investigation of the Executive Branch by removing from that office its jurisdiction to conduct such an investigation.

I can’t think of any, nor could I find an example in my research.  And yet, that’s what the Ohio House of Representatives did today.  They passed a bill that would prevent the State Auditor, a fellow Republican, from completing and release a public report of […]

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An amendment that declared that the profits JobsOhio (aka RobsOhio) received state liquor sales is exempt from auditing by the State Auditor was quietly attached to a largely unrelated measure in a House committee today.  Not only did the amendment coincidentially favor what Governor Kasich’s Administration wanted, but the House committee (in which Democrats, at least, had no notice of such an amendment) just happen to have some show up to testify in favor of the amendment.  This just a few days after House Democrats introduced the JobsOhio Accountability Act, which the Administration dismissed by calling JobsOhio the […]

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The Republicans in the Ohio Legislature care more about ideology above the Constitution.

That is the only conclusion we can draw from the decision to continue to defund Planned Parenthood in the latest budget proposal.

As BudgetWatcher highlighted about a year ago, the idea is to “re-prioritize” state family planning and other services in such a way that Planned Parenthood would no receive any funding.

As we noted back last February, this law is unconstitutional.  The gist of the argument is that a state plan to reallocate federal family planning in a way that leaves little […]

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There comes a time in which you can sit on the sidelines in your self-imposed retirement and watch so much derp being passed off as policy by the Ohio Republican Party before you just cannot take it anymore.  Specifically, the Senate GOP unveiled that their version of the State budget will remove the across-the-board 7% income tax cut passed by the House and replace it with what Governor Kasich’s called a 50% tax cut for “small businesses.”

Here’s why of all the tax cuts ever proposed by Republicans this is, well, the derpiest tax cut of all time.

1)  […]

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