“If we didn’t have a guy like Secretary of State Husted around, we would probably have to invent him.”

That’s that we wrote about John Husted back in December.  What was true then remains true now.

“Voter fraud does exist, but it’s not an epidemic,” Husted recently said in response to a report studying alleged voter fraud and voter suppression.

It was just one year ago that Husted was so fired up about voter fraud that he was demanding a meeting with the United States Attorney General to discuss the fact that some counties appeared to have more registered voters than residents.   It turns out that this is common – people who move don’t quickly get removed from voter databases.  But that fact didn’t stop Husted from warning that “the odds of voter fraud increase the longer these ineligible voters are allowed to populate our rolls.”

Last September, the Dispatch ran a front page article titled, “Voter rolls in Ohio are bloated, experts say.”  Then, in March, the Dispatch wrote that “Despite a variety of initiatives from Husted’s office, Ohio still has ‘dirty’ voter rolls, including two counties where the number of registered voters exceeds that of eligible voters.”

So, how much voter fraud actually exists.  Husted says his study found 135 possible cases.  That is out of 5,632,423 votes cast.  Even the Columbus Dispatch suggests that this is pretty rare – noting that this is about 0.002% of all votes case, or about 1 out of about every 42,000 votes cast.

How rare is that?  Compare the incidents of voter fraud to other crimes in Ohio in 2010 (the latest available data from the Ohio Department of Criminal Justice Services. is from 2010):



Put another way, you are 3½ times more likely to be murdered, and 148 times more likely to have your car stolen, than to see voter fraud in Ohio – and that assumes that all of the incidents of voter fraud identified by Husted are proven to actually be voter fraud.

Sounds like the odds are not in Husted’s favor.