Last December, Adam Lanza killed 20 kids and 6 adults at a school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.   In response to the tragedy, many Republicans around the country suggested school employees should be carrying weapons to school in order to defend against a similar situation in the future.

Here in Ohio, Attorney General Mike DeWine was quoted in an article about Republicans who support more guns in schools:

“If I was on the school board … I would think about having someone in the school who is very well trained, who has a gun under lock and key and that no one could get access to but them,” he said. “If a tragedy does occur, they can go get that gun.”

We took DeWine to task for his comments, quoting a former police detective who called DeWine’s plan to arm school employees “a horrible idea”.    We warned of the liability issues for schools and discussed the dangers of friendly fire incidents from school employees whose only training might be the very basic, 12-hour training course provided as part of Ohio’s concealed carry permitting process.

It looks like DeWine took our advice to heart.

“I would never, if I was on a school board, have anybody who is untrained with a gun in that school,” DeWine told Ohio’s State School Board today.

According to the AP‘s Julie Carr Smyth, DeWine now says the “training required to obtain an Ohio concealed-carry permit is not enough.”

We’re happy Mike DeWine has finally seen things our way when it comes to arming teachers.

But sometimes we wish he’d get at least one thing right the first time.