From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poor Rob Portman.  It’s not  enough that Mitt Romney ignored his faithful traveling companion in Ohio in choosing Paul Ryan as a running mate;  it’s not enough that the GOP right-wing is flapping hysterically because of his seismic  shift to support gay marriage; it’s not enough that the liberals have targeted him because of his opposition to background checks (and a lot of other things).

Portman,  the junior senator from Ohio – more accurately, the right-leaning Cincinnati area – has now become a noun and a verb.  As in :  Portmanization.   And Portmanize.  These are not words that have been pattering […]

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Republican Prosecutor Wants to Charge Voters Who Did NOT Vote More Than Once

Republicans and their news operations continue to try to suggest that voter fraud was rampant in Ohio in 2012.

Before the 2012 Election, Secretary of State John Husted tried to appease the base by suggesting that voter fraud was a big problem – we noted that after the election, he quickly backed off that claim.  Now, Husted has ordered all county Board of Elections to hold public hearings on voter fraud allegations.  If the allegations are found to be credible, the Boards of Elections can […]

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The right wing has, for months, demanded that progressives talk about the Gosnell case. I’ve held off, because a) he hadn’t been convicted and b) before you can talk about Gosnell, you have to talk about absolutely everything else.

After all, unsafe illegal abortion is the raison d’être for the movement to legalize abortion.


Sometimes women get pregnant, and they don’t think they can have the baby.

Maybe it’s an ectopic pregnancy, and having the baby would kill both. Perhaps a complication (gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, infection, depression) will threaten the woman’s health. Sometimes women are raped and become pregnant, […]

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Last December, Adam Lanza killed 20 kids and 6 adults at a school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.   In response to the tragedy, many Republicans around the country suggested school employees should be carrying weapons to school in order to defend against a similar situation in the future.

Here in Ohio, Attorney General Mike DeWine was quoted in an article about Republicans who support more guns in schools:

“If I was on the school board … I would think about having someone in the school who is very well trained, who has a gun under […]

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