The AP reports that former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Cupp, now working for Auditor Yost, is “raising unique ethical issues” after meeting with the Governor’s office and JobsOhio in the days leading up to the turn over of financial records to the Auditor’s Office.   While serving on the Supreme Court Cupp dealt with legal questions about  JobsOhio.  The return of public start-up money by JobsOhio could impact the lawsuit.

The Dayton Daily News reports that 19 of JobsOhio’s 22 employees are former state employees, and most got pay raises averaging 20% when they moved to JobsOhio.   Kasich said he needed JobsOhio because the Department of Development had too many bureaucrats.

State Rep Lundy has called on Kasich to release the details about JobsOhio salaries.


Innovation Ohio reports that 62 schools district had new money levies on Tuesday’s ballot and 74 communities had tax levies on the ballot to pay for public safety.   Locals governments and schools have been scrambling deal with huge budget shortfalls caused by Kasich’s budget cuts.

Tenth Period reports that brick-and-mortar charter schools spend more per-pupil that traditional public schools, even though 75% of Ohio’s charter schools received and F on the new state report card and 40% of the charter schools funds is sent to charters that perform worse than the districts they are located in.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that officials at a Cleveland-area charter school stole $2 Million by using shell companies owned and operated by the officials and their family members.  In February, the head of the Lion of Judah charter school in Cleveland was indicted on charges of stealing $1.2 Million from the taxpayer-funded school.


Republican State Rep Ron Maag, the guy who recently introduced anti-union legislation in the Ohio House, claims states with similar laws in place have higher worker pay.   PolitiFact calls that “mostly false”.

Maag’s bill started moving through the House yesterday.