From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chief Executive Magazine supposedly is a real thing.  Perhaps they wanted to go with Fat Cat Fancy first, but was afraid it would attract a misled readership.

Chief Executive Magazine is largely an ignored publication except for that one time every year that it releases its “ranking” of the “best” States for businesses in the prior year.  It’s the sort of totally subjective survey of those few CEOs who are vain enough to spend $100 a year on something called “Chief Executive Magazine.”  The only other people more shallow that the readers of such a publication are the Republican politicians […]

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In 2011, support for a referendum to repeal the anti-union provisions of Senate Bill 5 resulted millions of signatures and huge rallies at the Ohio Statehouse.   As Republicans begin moving new anti-union legislation through the Ohio House, they’ve already made moves to hinder an effective response from those who oppose the so-called right-to-work bills.

The first roadblock was Senate Bill 47, which contains language that would greatly restrict signature-gathering efforts to put unpopular legislation on the ballot for repeal.  This means anyone wishing to collect signatures to repeal one of these bills would have less time to do […]

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