From the daily archives: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Senator Nina Turner and State Rep. Kathleen Clyde are planning to introduce legislation to determine why Ohio continues to be non-compliant with federal “Motor Voter” laws and how the problem can be fixed.

As we reported on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Husted, for the second time in two election cycles, failed to deliver voter registration data to local elections officials within the time allowed by state and federal laws.   Ohio requires the data to be sent within five days.

Instead, Husted sent months of data all at once, and days before the primary election on May 7th. […]

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Two weeks ago we broke the story of Republican lawmakers trying to disenfranchise Ohio’s college students.

The language, included in the GOP budget bill, would require universities in Ohio to lower tuition rates for any student who lives on campus if that student received a proof-of-residency letter from the school.

These letters, routinely sent out by Ohio’s colleges and universities, are used by students around the state for voting purposes;  without the letters the students may not be able to vote.

If the bill passes with the existing language, universities estimate they could lose hundreds of million of dollars each […]

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