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Teachers in Strongsville, Ohio have been on strike for over seven weeks now, facing down a school board that seems more focused on breaking the union than on getting teachers back in the classroom.   According to the Strongsville Education Association (SEA), the group representing the teachers, the Strongsville School Board is also refusing to accept arbitration.

On April 2nd, SEA made an offer for binding interest arbitration that would have immediately reunited teachers with their students.  The board has so far refused to accept the offer, instead complaining that arbitration would put taxpayer dollars in the hands of an “outsider”.

Democrat Ed FitzGerald officially announced his campaign to unseat John Kasich today.  Below is the text of his announcement:

As I’ve traveled across our state these past few months, I’ve listened to what people are saying. I’ve found that everywhere I go, from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, in cities, suburbs, and small towns- people are frustrated. They’re struggling. Too many are barely hanging on by their fingernails to the middle class. And when you talk to the workers, the small business owners, the parents, the cops, the nurses, the firefighters, and the teachers who make up the […]

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FitzGerald comes out swinging

On April 24, 2013 By

After a year of speculation, Ed FitzGerald made it official today, launching his campaign to unseat John Kasich as Governor of Ohio.

FitzGerald, the former mayor of Lakewood and current Cuyahoga County Executive, came out swinging, accusing Kasich of using counties, towns and cities like an ATM to balance his own budget.

The impacts of Kasich’s cuts to local government have been widely felt around the state, resulting in police, fire and teacher layoffs.  Ohioans have also seen an explosion of new levies and taxes as local governments try cope with the loss of state funds while […]

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OK.  let’s try it this way:  The Grand Old Party has become the Grand Old Put-ons. Pretenders, all.   It has talked for years about broadening its base, possibly even  into Antarctica and the Fiji Islands. (Bad choices since ice is melting and Fiji could be swept under by rising sea water.)  But the Put-Ons never give up.  As Rand Paul, one of the current soul-fathers  of the Put-Ons,  has said:

“The GOP of old has grown stale and moss covered”  and then went on to describe the new gang of ideological frontiersmen as having “need to embrace liberty in both the economic and […]

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According to Policy Matters Ohio, local governments lost nearly $800 Million in Kasich’s first budget.   And his 2014/2015 budget deepens those cuts, with locals seeing a loss of an additional $1.4 Billion compared to 2010/2011.

In Fairfield County, Policy Matters puts the total loss at $18.5 Million, with county operations losing $3.9 million.

To compensate for the loss of revenue, Fairfield County commissioners have opted to adopt a permanent 0.25 percent sales tax.  The Lancaster Eagle Gazette estimates the tax would bring in between $3.5 and $4 Million per year, money county commissioners say is […]

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Every Republican voted to pass a state budget that won’t add jobs, but will add to the infant mortality rate. It’s simply too Orwellian to call it a “Jobs Budget” when they’re spending a billion dollars to shut down 27,000 jobs.

In 2009, the state government issued a 7-point plan to reduce Ohio’s infant mortality rate. On Thursday, the Ohio House passed a budget which specifically undermines each of those 7 points. If they don’t expand Medicaid, the Pregnancy and Parenting Program will increase Ohio’s infant mortality rate–particularly if family planning is defunded.

Infant Mortality in Ohio


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The relentless assault on reproductive health care
by Gary Dougherty

Almost exactly one year ago, I was invited to write a Plunderbund guest post related to the proliferation of anti-choice legislation, particularly the proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood.  I re-read that post recently and couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that we are still embroiled in an assault on reproductive health care rights – only, believe it or not, it has gotten worse.

Whereas the pace of this session has not matched that of last session (when seven anti-choice bills had already been introduced and the […]

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Nearly a century ago Walter Lippmann, the wise and widely respected political analyst and essayist, wrote of the perils of meaningless gibberish in defining human discourse. He came down hard on are the media of his day, but his dark message had a much longer reach.

In his essay “Liberty and the News,” he wrote;

“It is almost impossible to overestimate the confusion in daily life caused by sheer inability to use language with intention. We talk scornfully of  ‘mere words’.   Yet through words the whole vast process of human communication takes place. The sights and sounds and meanings of […]

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On Tuesday Ohio House Republicans introduced a substitute budget bill that included a provision specifically aimed at allowing a state takeover of the Columbus City Schools.   The amendment, HC1622-1, “Allows the Superintendent of Public Instruction to create an academic distress commission for any district found by the State Auditor to have knowingly manipulated student data with the intent to deceive.”

Steve Dyer describes it this way:

So let me get this straight. If you manipulated data, you will be assumed to have been in Academic Emergency (an F on the state report card) for several years. And as punishment, we’re going […]

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Republicans are always looking for new and creative ways to keep Ohio’s college students from voting.  Last year True the Vote tried to intimidate hundreds of students simply because they tend to vote for Democrats.  This year, Republican legislators have decided to use the budget bill to intimidate universities into keeping their students away from the polls.

The substitute budget bill introduced by House Republicans yesterday (Sub. H. B. No. 59)  contains an unbelievable change to Ohio law that make it increasingly difficult for Ohio’s students living on campus to prove they are residents […]

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Imagine a society in which a teacher is on trial for corrupting the youth of the community by teaching them about the existence of contraception to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Imagine being sixteen years old, being hauled in front of a judge, maybe even a jury, and having attorneys ask you personal, private questions about which specific sexual acts you have or have not engaged in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, under oath, while a court reporter feverishly takes down your testimony.  All while your parents sit at one table, listening to every sordid detail, and representatives from your school sit […]

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