John Kasich came into office promising to create jobs.  For the first two years, he attempted to fulfill this promise with big handouts to big companies who were making big promises.

One of his first and biggest deals was with Diebold.   In early 2011, Kasich promised the company $100 Million in state and other incentives and all they had to do was promise to build a new headquarters in Ohio and not to layoff more than 20% of their workforce.

Kasich was so proud of the deal he mentioned it proudly in his first State of the State speech, calling the deal “a great save”.

By the end of 2012, Diebold had already failed on both those promises, laying off hundreds of workers and announcing they wouldn’t be building a new HQ after all.

Today Diebold announced they will be laying off another 700 employees.

As John Kasich travels the state claiming that JobsOhio has created 120K jobs, it’s important to remember that those numbers are based on job commitments like the ones given by Diebold.  Job commitments that have failed to materialize despite massive promises of cash from the state.


  • No doubt the state followed through with it’s incentives too.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Is that the same Diebold that makes hackable voting machines? Go figure….

  • Palli Holubar

    How many employees still have jobs at Diebold?
    retrofuturistic: Yes

  • DublinIrishBob

    Diebold has been fighting a losing battle for the last ten years against competitors in the ATM industry. Their big profit maker was drive-in teller equipment, but banks aren’t building branches like they used to. Their voting machines were never that popular with buyers anyway; the hacking flaw just made things worse.

    When I read the original story about the grants they got from Ohio, I thought it was like using a garden hose to fight a house fire. The best days are in the past for Diebold. The State would be better off giving money to solar energy companies in NW Ohio or software ventures in Columbus and Cincinnati.


    Kasich strikes out.

    1) Bob Evens was given big money to stay in Ohio, and they send jobs to Texas.

    2) American Greetings is to build its new HQ in Westlake, Oh. Nothing yet..

  • dmoore2222

    Why would anyone expect a Lehman Bros. cheater and Fox Nes hack to be capable of fullfilling such promises. This guy is a total fraud.

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