Acording to State Rep Kathleen Clyde, John Husted has again failed follow state and federal laws regarding voter registration updates, causing extra costs, confusion and possible lost votes for next week’s primary election.

State law requires the Secretary of State to send voter registration data to local election officials within five days of acceptance.   But Husted had been sitting on months of data without transferring it to the local BOEs.

SOS Husted make the same mistake during last year’s Presidential election.

“How could the Secretary of State make this colossal mistake twice?” asked Rep. Clyde.  “Absentee ballots will be rejected because of this mistake. Provisional ballots will be rejected because of this mistake. Boards of election workers will have to work overtime because of this mistake. Counties will have to pay to reprint thousands of precinct poll books because of this mistake. Voters and local governments that can least afford it will be paying the price here, and that’s unacceptable.”