Democrat Ed FitzGerald officially announced his campaign to unseat John Kasich today.  Below is the text of his announcement:

As I’ve traveled across our state these past few months, I’ve listened to what people are saying. I’ve found that everywhere I go, from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, in cities, suburbs, and small towns- people are frustrated. They’re struggling. Too many are barely hanging on by their fingernails to the middle class. And when you talk to the workers, the small business owners, the parents, the cops, the nurses, the firefighters, and the teachers who make up the fabric of Ohio, you know that we’re in need of new leadership.

The challenges may be daunting, but Ohio has shown the world before how to get things done. This is a state that knows how to invent things, build things, and grow things. We are one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing, technology, medicine, and agriculture.

We can have a state that actually invests in early childhood education, instead of cutting back on education. We can be a state that has a real jobs strategy, that is transparent and is based on small and medium-sized businesses that pay real wages, instead of big corporate giveaways. We can be a state that respects all of its workers, public sector and private sector, union and non-union alike, instead of demonizing them.

We can be a state that partners with our counties, townships, and cities, instead of using them as an ATM machine for the state budget. We can be a state that honors and treasures and respects our sacred right to vote, instead of suppressing it. We can be a state that believes women are fully equal and must have real equality when it comes to wages and health care choices. We can be a state that has a governor who every day makes it his mission to make it easier for Ohio families to get in the middle class and stay in the middle class.  That’s why I’m running for Ohio governor.

  • Why is this site hiding old articles about Public Official 14 Ed Fitzgerald? The article “Vote for Public Official 14” is mysteriously gone. Or the “Dimora bombshell…” article? Now that he’s running, you have to hide the truth?

  • Gary, I’m pretty sure anything written by the folks running PB is still on the site.

    To occupy your time instead, ask Matt Borges how to spell Gruttadauria.

    If you don’t want to, you could just read this

  • Retrofuturistic

    Counting the days till the next election— meanwhile, worrying about how much more damage the Kasich administration and its Tea Party collaborators can manage to do before they’re booted out.

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