On Tuesday Ohio House Republicans introduced a substitute budget bill that included a provision specifically aimed at allowing a state takeover of the Columbus City Schools.   The amendment, HC1622-1, “Allows the Superintendent of Public Instruction to create an academic distress commission for any district found by the State Auditor to have knowingly manipulated student data with the intent to deceive.”

Steve Dyer describes it this way:

So let me get this straight. If you manipulated data, you will be assumed to have been in Academic Emergency (an F on the state report card) for several years. And as punishment, we’re going to have the guy responsible for creating the most inequitable school funding system in Ohio history run your district? What a great idea. I’m sure it will work just fine.

Dyer is, of course, referring to Dick Ross, Kasich’s former education adviser and the man responsible for Kasich’s failed school funding formula.  Ross replaced Stan Heffner, who left his job as Superintendent after a Plunderbund article and ethics complaint turned into a full-blown scandal.

According to the Dispatch,  Republican state reps Cheryl Grossman and Gerald Stebelton introduced the amendment that would allow for the creation of a distress commission with the power to “appoint, reassign or fire any district administrator without a public hearing; privatize school or management operations; control the budget and all spending; and veto as ‘not enforceable’ any union-contract provision that gets in the way of the district’s effectiveness or overall mission.”

Mayor Coleman claims he didn’t know about the amendment, but Alex Fischer, president of the Columbus Partnership and member of the Coleman’s Columbus Education Commission, admitted to the Dispatch that he’d heard about the amendment and he considers it “consistent with … good-governance concerns.”

In response, Robocalls went out yesterday from the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) warning that this budget provision “will strip local control of school districts ” and “hand control over to corporate outsiders”

The message directs listeners to www.noschooltakeover.com.

The audio of the call is here:



  • I like how the Republicans in the state house are using the budget to hit all their targets – women, teachers, and unions….

  • Does anyone wonder why Republican-controlled states seem to have the same legislative agenda? Like Ohio, GOP lawmakers in Indiana have worked hard to increase emphasis on student test scores, blame teachers, expand school privatization, and implement state takeovers of “struggling” schools. These are all initiatives of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC’s) Education Task Force.

    Ohio House Republicans only want what’s best for the corporate-funded ALEC- not what’s best for the families in our state. Follow the money…

  • Lets see have a large portion of the population be unequally educated. Then keep the women barefoot and pregnant making supper at home Make sure anyone in college has a difficult time voting. Threaten and degrade teachers until they no longer have the desire to teach. Take away union rights from anyone working for the state or local governments so they will fear losing their jobs. Redistrict the crap out of the state so only those in power stay in power. Give hand outs and jobs to “bff’s” Receive monetary and other equally significant gifts from those who have the money for doing what they want. Make sure those who have the money keep the money. Hmmmmm
    Sounds like someone has plans for setting things up so they can take over the state then where from there? Really this crap could scare a person if they thought on it to long. And you wonder why all the conspiracy theories keep popping up.

  • dmoore2222

    Boy. Companies are gonna want to flock to Ohio over this. Oh, and I’m sure they’ll love the crumbling roads and bridges along with totally out of whack college costs. And we could, as our cretin of a governor says, “kick em in the shins and smile when you do it” when they get here. This state has become a dark place.

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