The following post was written by long-time Plunderbund reader Jor Dough.  Enjoy…


In the next few days millions of Americans will once again join the ranks of taxpayers who file and often pay federal income taxes.  Some of us have our taxes withheld by our employers and in doing so we often overpay and the government ends up refunding our over payments when we file our annual returns.

The Republicans in Ohio have a much different attitude and practice when it comes to taxation and taxpayers.  In a recent story, the Columbus Dispatch pointed out the overwhelming support that Ohio’s GOP politicians have for Mr. Matthew J. Borges, the nominee to be Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.  The article lists them all:  Boehner, Batchelder, Faber Kasich, Husted, Mandel, Portman and Yost.  According to the article, all of Ohio’s statewide officeholders signed an endorsement letter for Borges.

The Republicans have delivered a stunning slap-in-the-face, perhaps a spit-in-the-face, to U.S taxpayers with what is only egregious hypocrisy on the part of the Republican ruling class in Ohio.   We’ve come to find out that Borges is a tax deadbeat of outrageous proportions, owing $592,000 in back taxes according to the Dayton Daily News.  The utter hypocrisy of Ohio Republicans is astonishing in its crassness since they all knew Mr. Borges is a long-time tax deadbeat and still supported his for chairman.

How can the Ohio GOP keep reloading with such deadbeats?  It’s no wonder Yost, who snagged a tax lien when he was Delaware County Auditor, had another tax deadbeat, Borges run his campaign.  Yost kept good company in Delaware County with State Rep. Andrew Brenner and his wife, right-wing blogger/Powell councilwoman Sarah Marie Brenner, who skipped out of paying two years of the withholding taxes (Nearly $70,000) they took from their employees and didn’t pay the IRS.  The Brenners also swindled on their Ohio Workers comp premium.  Yost’s GOP pal in Delaware, Clerk of courts Jan Antonoplos, has $304,000 in federal tax liens going back to 2004 and her Republican lobbyist husband has lots more along with many other judgments for unpaid bills and taxes

Borges beats them all with a tax record going back to 1999 and a recent total of $592,000 as a deadbeat delinquent in taxes owed.   Antonoplos had a head start getting a federal lien in 1991, but Borges beat her out in high dollar deadbeat tax indebtedness.

Think about the Ohio Republicans when you file your taxes whether you owe or get a refund.  You can’t get away with it.  Why should Ohio’s GOP politicians?