House Republicans released their revised budget bill this afternoon and it effectively changes or eliminates most of Kasich’s major budget priorities.

  • Medicaid Expansion is out.
  • Severance Tax and everything else related to Oil and Gas is out.
  • Sales Tax Expansion is out.
  • Income Tax cut is down to 7% and it’s being paid for with money from JobsOhio and revenue growth.
  • School Funding has been reworked to increase per-pupil funding to $5732.
  • The parent trigger is out but the voucher expansion is in.
  • Internet retailers will now need to collect sales taxes
  • “Religious” employers get an exemption from civil rights laws preventing discrimination based on religion in hiring

Oh and…

  • House Republicans snuck in a provision to defund Planned Parenthood.


We’ll be provided further analysis soon.  In the mean time,the list of changes is included below.   Take a look for yourself and let us know what kind of craziness you can find.

Additional budget docs are available on the Committee website.   The full (very long) budget bill is available here.


SubHB59 Changes