The Ohio House GOP has released their budget, and it’s a doozy. They defund Planned Parenthood, set up the “Parenting and Pregnancy Program” (I’m going to assume this is funding for crisis pregnancy centers), and cut the Medicaid expansion against the wishes of more than 3/4 of the House.

Speaker Batchelder says that there are too many questions about Medicaid to go forward, so he’s denying health care to 350,000 Ohioans.

That’s so ludicrous that the Speaker should resign immediately. Obamacare was passed before the GOP controlled the Ohio House of Representatives. He has had 3 years to seek answers about Obamacare.

Instead, he spent his time:
1. Busting public sector unions
2. Suppressing the African-American vote
3. Passing two bills on the same day to ban abortion after 20 weeks and7 weeks
4. Slashing school and local government funding
5. Making it harder for abused girls to get abortions
6. Rigging the legislative and congressional districts in the state
7. Letting people bring guns into the Statehouse parking garage
8. Banning insurance coverage for abortion until a woman is dying
9. Sending public money to charter schools that perform worse than public schools
10. Trying to defund Planned Parenthood

When Republicans retook the House majority in 2010, Obamacare was the law of the land. Implementing it was part of the job they were seeking; sure, they were hoping that SCOTUS would overturn it, but that’s honestly even worse. If they had deep-seated concerns about the meaning of Medicaid, they shouldn’t have run for a position that spends a third of its money on Medicaid.

They chose to line their own pockets by pandering to their extremist base with “message” bills, and never thought to even ask what was up with this whole “Medicaid” thing.

Speaker Batchelder should be ashamed that he’s spending money to deny people health care.   He should resign because he’s obviously not interested in doing his job.

  • It will get worse, of course. These righties have the backing of the state’s major rags and consider the poor, working poor and minorities parasites and a nuisance to deal with. And what i find most troubling is how some of the liberals using this site really believe JK wants medicare expansion. He was against that long before he says he was for it. His “Tricky Dick” ploy is too convince mainstream folks he’s for it but knows all along his buddies in the legislature would kill it (as they have). He comes out looking like the white knight fighting for the expansion while all along he’s getting exactly what he really wanted. These Repubs are following a scripted plan hoping to sucker the media and enough voters to get re-elected…James, Cols

  • Foolishly, the Supreme Court decided that states could opt out of Medicaid expansion for its poorest citizens. By turning it down, our foolish Republican lawmakers hope to degrade the ObamaCare program and weaken it to help ensure that it cannot succeed. Vote these fools out!

  • You are so right- we must NEVER trust this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Retrofuturistic

    It will take 50 years to clean up what the Christian GOP has done to this state. At least.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Good point. I think you nailed it….

  • dmoore2222

    I agree. This guy is such a total fraud that this is typical faker behavior. But he’s what Ohio said they wanted.

  • dmoore2222

    White trash in suits.

  • Eugene

    The Republicans love money. so if O’bama will just offer the money free to the republicans, they will take it.
    Just like John Kasich did when he turned down the 500 million for the rail system and then had the nerve to ask the federal Departmet of Transportation for the money for highways.
    And they turned Kasich down as they should have. John Kasich is a greedy, selfish conservative who pretends to be a Republican,
    Kiss his rear, you republicans. All the Democrats , policemen, teachers , firemen , state workers found out he hated unions and union organizations, but only after they voted for him. If all the teachers, firemen, policeman, and State workers had listened to the Conservatives on Fox more closely, they would have heard their conservative propagandists tell them they hated unions and union organizations because they believed the union members were paid too much and they resented the money unions used to support candidates . but all everyone heard is : “We must balance the budget.”
    Vote more conservatives into office so we can experience their real agenda.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Exactly. Very expensive suits….

  • James, you nailed it perfectly…just doing anything to get re-elected

  • Cate N 4

    It occurs to me that if you change the name of the state and the political bozos, the narraitive would be the same for Ks, Al, Tx, Ar, MO…..too many to count without a glass of wine.

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