When Republican Senator Rob Portman announced that he’d had a “change of heart” about same-sex marriage after finding out his own son was gay, we expected a backlash from Ohio’s anti-gay conservatives.

Sadly, that’s just what we got.

First up was anti-gay activist and former porn addict Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values who posted about Portman on his website the same morning Rob made his announcement.

According the post, Portman called Burress the evening before to explain the situation.  Burress responded by telling the sitting United States Senator that he was wrong to support his son.

Burress then offered some advice and help, including access to gay conversion therapy.

Burress informed Portman that he “served on the board of an organization” that had seen “thousands of homosexual men and women walk away from that behavior” and who later went on to be “blessed with children.”  “I told him we would pray that some day his son would as well,” said Burress.

We can only hope that Portman’s response was: “I’ll be praying that some day you’ll stop being a homophobic asshole.”

Next up is a letter from “Over 80 social and fiscal conservative leaders” that rips Portman for his decision and also attacks soon-to-be Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges for his time as a “lobbyist for the liberal homosexual activist group, Equality Ohio.”

Among the “leaders” is a bunch of Tea Party folks, some former state reps and some “conservative bloggers” we’ve never heard of.    Still, you get 80 of them together and that means something, right?

Lastly, of course, are the conservative voices at the Columbus Dispatch.

No, I’m not talking about the Editorial Board – I’m talking about the conservatives that troll the comments.

While many of the comments were positive, a great many expressed anger and disgust at the senator and his son.  Many people included bible quotes, one blamed Portman for not maintaining “proper command over his family” and another guy seemed to have an obsession with penises and rectums.

We’ve included some samples below.

Stay classy Ohio conservatives.



Portman has failed as a Christian, failed as a father, and failed as a conservative. If he were a man of any credibility he would have proper command over his family.


In reality, there are no gay or lesbians – there are merely people who have the desire to practice sodomy. And people who practice sodomy are not entitled to minority status


Portman has rationalized he needs to bend to the tactics of the homosexual lobby


Senator Portman, I hearby publicly demand that you step down and resign as my Representative in the United States Senate, for you Sir no longer represent me or my values.


Your Son’s and your beef is not with people like me who disagree with you. It’s with Mother Nature.


Portman has failed as a Christian, failed as a father, and failed as a conservative. If he were a man of any credibility he would have proper command over his family.


The sexually perverse and those that advocate same are not fit for public office. Why? I personally believe that homosexual and lesbian conduct is evidence of psychological instability. Consider this, if a man is willing to disobey the moral law by allowing another man to enter his rectum with his penis or if a man is willing to take another man’s penis into his mouth, does this act of perversion not give one pause relevant to the ethical and moral condition of that individual? If a female prefers to engage in oral copulation with another female, in direct violation of the moral code instilled within our spirit, does this not give you pause relevant to the moral and ethical condition of that individual? If an individual is willing to blatantly engage in moral perversion, what prevents that individual from compromising on other moral and ethical decisions? Perhaps the corporate world is willing to hire and trust such individuals with monetary and administrative decisions, but homosexuals and lesbians have no place in an occupation where ethical and moral excellence are critical and foundational to the oath of office!