From the daily archives: Friday, March 22, 2013

When Republican Senator Rob Portman announced that he’d had a “change of heart” about same-sex marriage after finding out his own son was gay, we expected a backlash from Ohio’s anti-gay conservatives.

Sadly, that’s just what we got.

First up was anti-gay activist and former porn addict Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values who posted about Portman on his website the same morning Rob made his announcement.

According the post, Portman called Burress the evening before to explain the situation.  Burress responded by telling the sitting United States Senator that he was wrong to support his son.

Burress then offered […]

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Attorney General Mike DeWine is talking tough and playing an active role in prosecuting those who have broken the law in Steubenville.  That is, of course, his job.

We should expect nothing less from our AG than to prosecute those who intimidate victims and witnesses just like we should expect him to prosecute anyone whose abuses of authority helped contribute to Steubenville’s “rape culture”.

But there’s a cognitive dissonance between DeWine’s media appearances and his legislative history.  Compared to Rob Portman–for whom new evidence led to a reevaluation of his policy preferences–Mike DeWine is being suspiciously narrow in his revolt […]

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