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CPAC’s Mad March to Be Relevant

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The arrival of March Madness II so soon after CPAC’s March Madness I is forcing all of us to consider whether the floor games will be a more valid expression of  the soul  of America than the conservative fringe that went to the convention in hopes of a slam dunk.  The distractions for the bounty-hunters couldn’t have come at a worst time  as speaker after speaker tried to convince us that the former Republican Party lacked, um… relevancy and that Barack Obama was at least a socialist..

The delegates were upstaged by Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a conservative Republican who conceded that his notions about […]

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We’ve been waiting for weeks to hear what the Ohio Chamber of Commerce thinks of Kasich’s plan to expand Ohio’s sales tax to nearly every business in the state.

Today we found out.

As reported by Gongwer, the Chamber’s Dan Navin called the sales tax expansion “an overall ‘unhealthy shift’ of the tax burden to Ohio’s employers.”

The Chamber has been a staunch supporter of John Kasich since he announced his plan to run for Governor. The group supported Senate Bill 5 and Kasich’s failed private prison experiment.

Not so much with his anti-business sales tax plan.

Representatives of the […]

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