After a long battle, JobsOhio has turned over its financial records to the Ohio State Auditor for review.

Yost has been under constant pressure from the Governor and legislative Republican leaders o back down on his request to audit the financial records of JobsOhio.   Joe Hallett recently reported that Matt Borges, Yost’s former campaign manager and soon-to-be Chairman of the Ohio Republican party, was also pressuring the Auditor to stand down.   In 2004 Borges pleaded guilty  to steering state investment business in exchange for campaign donations.

JobsOhio has received millions in state grants in addition to the original $1 Million allocated by the state.  It has also received $7 million in secret private donations.  Based on the JobsOhio bond circular, Plunderbund has calculated that JobsOhio stands to receive nearly $6 Billion in state liquor profits over the lifetime of its lease with the Ohio.

According to Gongwer, JobsOhio now plans to return the $1 Million it received from the state.   Needless to say, they should have plenty left to continue the extravagant company lifestyle established in 2012.

Last year, JobsOhio spent $3 Million on salaries for its 22 employees who also racked up another $150,000 in travel costs.   According to a report by Innovation Ohio, JobsOhio also spent $367,000 for office remodeling and $362,000 for office furniture last year.  That works out to $16,455 per employee just for furniture!

A letter sent with the financial records reiterates that JobsOhio believes their records should remain secret and not publicly audited.

Ohio law created specifically for JobsOhio exempts its records from public records laws  “regardless of who may have custody of the records”.

For weeks we’ve been pushing for a public audit of JobsOhio – a power Ohio law specifically grants to the Auditor of State.   We’re happy things are moving the right direction.

JobsOhio is slated to received billions of our dollars.  We deserve to know how they are being spent.