From the daily archives: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last October, we wrote about the exorbitant cost of obtaining a Reading Endorsement to meet the requirements of teaching the primary grades under Ohio’s Third Grade Guarantee law.  At the time, we projected the cost to be over $17,000.  That figure may have dropped a bit as universities have been scrambling to find a way to address the thousands of panicked teachers seeking to obtain the endorsement, but will still cost thousands of unnecessary dollars.

We have a message for those panicked teachers: Stop it.

Senate Bill 21 has moved on to the Ohio House with […]

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In 2012, Ohio Republicans used early voting restrictions to limit turnout among reliably Democratic voting groups.

Now they are continuing their efforts to restrict the voices of their political opposition. Republicans, safely in the majority in both chambers of the legislature, are fast-tracking legislation that would dramatically weaken efforts to overturn the laws that they pass.

Senate Bill 47 contains language that would greatly restrict signature-gathering efforts to put unpopular legislation on the ballot for repeal.

In Ohio, laws take effect 90 days after they are signed. The state constitution offers citizens the opportunity to subject laws to a […]

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