“Young people like Cincinnati, it’s a cool happening place,” John Kasich told a crowd of Republicans in Cincinnati on Monday.

Kasich also took the opportunity to attack our neighbor to the to the West.   “This is not Indiana where you go to Indianapolis … and then say, ‘Where else are we going to go? Gary?’”

Indiana Governor Mike Pence fired back claiming that “Indiana is the best state in the Midwest to start a business, grow a business and get a job.”

When asked to respond, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Enquirer:  “Indiana has great people, great companies and great entrepreneurs and we’d love to get them to move to Ohio.  In fact, we’re working hard on that every day.”

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that YRC, the fourth largest trucking company in the nation, is shipping nearly 300 jobs from the Cincinnati area to …. you guessed it: Indiana.

Maybe, Mr. Nichols, you should be working a little harder on the jobs thing, and trash talking a little less.


  • dmoore2222

    Why would the governor of a state say unflattering things about a neighboring state and think it will somehow make his own state look more desireable? This juevenile, amateurish behavior on the part of our governor will only serve to repell people and businesses. Has he learned nothing from the blowback from his cop-hating remarks?



  • Red Rover

    What young people is he talking to about Cincinnati? Most of the ones I know think it reeks too much of conservatism and bigotry. Not so much “cool” or “happening”.

  • Joe

    Only John Kasich would think Cincinnati is a place people enjoy.

  • anastasjoy

    He always manages to sound like an annoying jerk. “Juvenile” and “amateurish” is putting it mildly. He just comes off like an asshole.

  • Once a bully, always a bully!

  • eww3797

    Why would two Republican governors who became elected due to the conservatives pushing their agenda of cutting jobs, anti-unionism, balance the budget etc. etc. be stealing jobs from each other or be competitors to each other.
    It seems and looks good to us suckers who have to watch them steal,. eliminate and give away our jobs, resources, assetts and cut back town and city programs and personnel. Kasick and his republican governor friend in Indiana don’t care if each other seems to be stealing jobs.
    Their only goal is to fulfill their conservative agenda under the guise of being republican. and the republican party because they could not get elected to do it as a third party.
    Ross Perot, Bo Gritz, Gus Hall, and Ron Paul found that out.and any one else who tried to run as a third party.
    The Republicans and Democrats do not want a third party in this country.
    So what is to be done must be done under the name conservatism which uses patriotism, gun ownership, individuality, , entrapuership and religion to pull us along with their agenda.. And we are allowing them to do it to us.

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