From the daily archives: Thursday, March 14, 2013

While Washington is again bedeviled by the kooky return of Paul Ryan’s latest version of a drive-by budget, Gov. Kasich is finding himself bedeviled by of all people,  Republicans,  for his own budget proposals that spread sales taxes while accepting an expansion of Medicaid with  federal dollars.

For a governor girding for a reelection campaign,  a family fight can be the sort of distraction that will test Kasich’s presumed invincibility as the budget fracas betrays  any sense  of solidarity within the GOP ranks. And with the Tea Party managing some of the dissent, it could be a long hot summer. […]

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Reports on JobsOhio and the funding it receives from Ohio’s liquor revenue generally quote a $100 million figure for development activities, but this is not the only money JobsOhio stands to receive.   An analysis by Plunderbund reveals Kasich’s semi-private development organization could be taking in billions more over the lifetime of the lease.

According to the agreement with the state, JobsOhio will receive all of the state’s liquor revenue each year through 2038.  From this, they must first pay an annual fixed amount of debt service on the bond and $43 Million into state’s Clean Ohio fund.   JobsOhio will also […]

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“Young people like Cincinnati, it’s a cool happening place,” John Kasich told a crowd of Republicans in Cincinnati on Monday.

Kasich also took the opportunity to attack our neighbor to the to the West.   “This is not Indiana where you go to Indianapolis … and then say, ‘Where else are we going to go? Gary?’”

Indiana Governor Mike Pence fired back claiming that “Indiana is the best state in the Midwest to start a business, grow a business and get a job.”

When asked to respond, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Enquirer:  “Indiana has great people, great […]

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Leadership at Ohio’s Department of Development has been amazingly volatile and plagued with scandal since John Kasich took over as Governor, which is pretty ironic since Kasich ran against Ted Strickland criticizing him for exactly the same thing.

Mark Kvamme was Kasich’s first pick to lead to Ohio Department of Development.  But it was soon revealed that Kvamme was constitutionally ineligible to serve in that role, so Assistant Director Kristi Tanner ended up signing all the documents to prevent any problems when Kvamme eventually left.

Kvamme was replaced by James Leftwich, who lasted a whole 106 days before being replaced by Christiane Schmenk.

Kvamme took over at head of JobsOhio […]

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