Cincinnati Right to Life (CRTL) is opposing the Medicaid expansion, which will save actual lives.

The essence of their argument is:

  1. Hormonal birth control is abortion
  2. Medicaid covers birth control
  3. Therefore Medicaid covers abortion
  4. Abolishing Medicaid will save lives

I don’t know why they stop at Medicaid.  By this logic, all health insurance should be banned.

Somebody should probably tell them that Ohio Medicaid already covers birth control for incomes up to 250% of poverty.  The Medicaid expansion will have no impact on birth control coverage for low-income Ohioans.

They’re also mad that Medicaid can be used for services at Planned Parenthood, like breast cancer screenings.  Cash can also be used at Planned Parenthood.  The US Treasury sponsors abortion!


40% of births in Ohio are covered by Medicaid.  That figure won’t be impacted by expansion, but what will happen is that those women will already be enrolled in Medicaid when they become pregnant.  That means they’ll seek prenatal care around six months earlier.  Then, on delivery, they’ll have more access to breastfeeding supplies and counseling.

And the infant mortality rate will plummet, all because Ohio expanded Medicaid.

Of course, CRTL could already be availing pregnant women of these resources at their Crisis Pregnancy Centers, but they don’t.  Because CRTL doesn’t really care about babies.


Ohio Pro-Life Action is also opposed to Medicaid expansion, because rape survivors can (theoretically) have abortions covered by Medicaid.  Yes, let’s go back there again.