From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today is the third day of Sunshine Week, 2013 and while many of us are writing about the importance of open government and access to public information, Ohio’s Republicans are working furiously behind the scenes to try to restrict that access.

State Rep Louis Terhar is preparing to introduce a bill that would exempt applications for state jobs from public view. Terhar is the husband of Tea Party School Board President Deb Terhar. He was appointed by Governor Kasich to replace disgraced legislator Bob Mecklenbourg, and it seems Louis has been tasked with “fixing” public records laws that Kasich […]

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Cincinnati Right to Life (CRTL) is opposing the Medicaid expansion, which will save actual lives.

The essence of their argument is:

Hormonal birth control is abortion Medicaid covers birth control Therefore Medicaid covers abortion Abolishing Medicaid will save lives

I don’t know why they stop at Medicaid.  By this logic, all health insurance should be banned.

Somebody should probably tell them that Ohio Medicaid already covers birth control for incomes up to 250% of poverty.  The Medicaid expansion will have no impact on birth control coverage for low-income Ohioans.

They’re also mad that Medicaid […]

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Ohio legislators have proposed raising the speed limits on some of Ohio’s highways.  It appears the change could impact revenue forecasts for the Ohio Turnpike and may also impact the sale of turnpike bonds proposed by the Governor.

A recent $3.4 Million dollar study of the Ohio Turnpike by the firm KPMG used a forecasting model to predict future revenue for the turnpike.  One of the key components of the model was estimated diversion rates i.e. how many drivers would choose alternative, non-turnpike routes based on other model inputs like toll increases.

According to the study, one of the assumptions used […]

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Last May, Governor Kasich took to Twitter to show off his conservative credentials:  “Proud to accept invite to speak at CPAC Chicago in June. A great chance to highlight how Ohio’s focus on jobs can work for the USA.”

Kasich, of course, used the annual convention of conservatives as an opportunity to talk about himself – whining about previous administrations and their “tax and spend” practices, about closing a budget hole that didn’t really exist and about replacing money in the rainy day fund.

As we’ve noted many times before, the rainy day fund was replenished thanks to surpluses from Strickland’s […]

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