Yesterday kicked off Sunshine Week, a national event aimed at highlighting “the importance of open government and freedom of information.”

Ohio’s Republicans celebrated by trying to negotiate a compromise over how much information they will be hiding from the public related to the finances of JobsOhio.

According to the Dispatch State Auditor Yost, who clearly has the authority to audit JobsOhio, made an offer to Kasich to give up some of that authority by making sure “the results of the audit would not become public record for five years”.

This means the details of JobsOhio’s finances would be hidden from public view until long after the 2014 election and after Kasich’s potential run for President in 2016.

Kasich’s people rejected the idea calling it “completely unacceptable.”

You know what’s completely unacceptable?   Ohio’s Republicans bargaining over how much information we deserve to see, and when we deserve to see it, when billions of public dollars are being spent without any public oversight.

Happy Sunshine Week, Ohio.