A representative of the Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA) spoke to reporters outside of Controlling Board hearings today.  And when I say “spoke”, I mean only that words came out of his mouth, not that anything useful was actually said.

Reporters were interested in JobsOhio funding, specifically why the Ohio DSA give nearly $5 Million in grants to JobsOhio without first getting approval from the Controlling Board as required by law.  But Spokesman Todd Walker was clearly not  ready to answer any JobsOhio-related questions.  Instead he interrupted reporters and provided the same answer each time:  if you submit your questions to me I will be happy to answer them individually.

Reporters were NOT happy.

“So we have to put our questions to you in writing?”, asked Joe Vardon of the Columbus Dispatch.  “Submit your questions and I will be happy to answer [them]”, Walker responds.

“Did someone instruct you not to answer our questions collectively?”, asks Vardon later.  “No, we’re happy to answer – Joe, I’ve worked with you many times and answered many of your questions and I’d be more than willing to work with you to answer any questions that you have.”

“You aren’t prepared to answer any of our questions now?”, asks Julie Carr Smyth from the AP.  “I am prepared to answer your questions individually,” says Walker.

It goes on like this for nearly two minutes, ending with Walker refusing to even tell reporters his name.

As always, Ohio Capital Blog has the video (linked below).

Happy Sunshine Week from the Kasich administration!