From the daily archives: Thursday, March 7, 2013

In view of Plain Dealer news room’s mission to report the news, the absence of news about the people who are supposed to report the news of others has left the staff in a state of day-to-day suspended animation.  And hardly feeling secure in their line of work.

The problem, of course, is the presumed impending doom of the state’s biggest and often most puzzling newspaper (as we now know it), a deeply ensconced establishment journal that has tight-roped for years through local issues in a diverse city that has needed little encouragement to become unruly.

Ever since the word got […]

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Since Kasich released his plan to expand Ohio’s sales tax to nearly every service-based business in Ohio, feedback from Ohio’s traditionally Republican-supporting business organizations has been almost entirely negative.

The Ohio Bar Association and the Ohio Association of Realtors have publicly come out against the plan, and yesterday 19 other business and trade organizations representing car dealers to bowling alley owners to criminal defense lawyers testified against the plan in front of the Ohio House.

Those testifying included representatives for:

American Council of Engineering Companies of Ohio American Society of Travel Agents Mid-America […]

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HB 91 was just introduced, The Health Care Freedom Act.  As Joseph pointed out, that’s a bizarre view of freedom.  I propose we call it something else:

The Ohio Single Payer Act.

First, let me explain how things are, then how HB 91 would impact the way things will be.  In 2014, there’ll be (basically) 2 categories of private health insurance in Ohio:

large group insurance, offered on the open market, regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), offered on the Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE), regulated by […]

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