From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

State Reps Andy Thompson and Ron Young introduced a bill today (HB 91) called the “Health Care Freedom Act” that would effectively prevent any insurance company from operating in Ohio if that company chooses to participate in Ohio’s Affordable Care Act (ACA)-mandated insurance exchange.

The bill bans any insurance company from operating in Ohio if that company would get tax credits or cost-sharing reductions for insurance buyers who used the exchange because their employers didn’t offer coverage.

During a press conference today, Thompson claimed the purpose of the bill is to “reinforce the freedom of all Ohioans to choose their own […]

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According to recently released records and an investigative piece by the Columbus Dispatch, JobsOhio has received millions of dollars in public funds, far surpassing the $1 Million originally approved by state legislators.

The JobsOhio annual report released Friday (full report here) shows an additional $5.3 million in public grants were provided to the private development organization last year.

Other documents, reported in yesterday’s Dispatch, don’t seem to jibe with the officially reported numbers.   Those documents show contract extensions originally signed by former JobsOhio leader Mark Kvamme and Development Director Christiane Schmenk could have provided up to $11.8 million in state money to the group.


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Republican Part-Time Prosecutor David Fornshell keeps digging himself in a deeper hole.  Fornshell may have broken the law in an effort to clean up a mistake by his office.  A mistake his office made while Fornshell was pursing a politically motivated investigation of a critic of Governor John Kasich.

Earlier this month, we reported on Fornshell’s politically motivated investigation of a school superintendent who criticized the Kasich Administration’s school funding plan.  We called the investigation “bullshit.”  The Cincinnati Enquirer called for an end to the investigation, calling it “heavy handed.

We later learned that while Fornshell was playing politics and […]

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