From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kelly Kohls is the head of the Warren County Tea Party and President of the Springboro School Board.

According to public records obtained by Plunderbund, Ms. Kohls is the first person to contact Republican Prosecutor David Fornshell about a letter sent home to Franklin City School children criticizing the Governor’s unfair school funding plan.

In the email, sent at 10:09AM on February 14th, 2013, Kohls includes a copy of the letter from Franklin Schools Superintendent Arnol Elam and asks Fornshell “I know of a ORC code that strictly prohibits political campaigning using gov. resources.   Can there be legal actions here?” […]

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Guest Post by Bentley Davis

Most readers of this blog have circulated petitions for either a citizen’s referendum or a citizen’s initiative.  In recent years, I and members of my organization – the Alliance for Retired Americans – did so to overturn SB5 and HB194 and we collected signatures to put fair districts on the ballot.   People with whom I disagree collect signatures to put other issues on the ballot too.   The ability to have a citizen’s veto or initiative is important to all Ohioans.

This process has been in place since 1912.  And we think it is a good […]

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