Joseph wrote the other day that “Plunderbund fully supports the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio.”


Because it’s the right thing to do?

Well of course. Reducing the number of uninsured Americans has long been a progressive goal. Health care is a right.

Because we get to agree with Governor John Kasich?

Some say that we have “a burning hatred for Governor Kasich” and an “obsession to demonize all things Kasich.” We disagree, and now we have proof that we CAN acknowledge when Kasich has a good policy.

Actually, it seems the Kasich Administration has come around to our view. Last summer, as the election heated up, the Kasich Administration tried to suggest that Ohio couldn’t “afford to expand Medicaid.” We fact-checked that claim and cited analysts to support our view that “the savings from no longer providing uncompensated care and other services for the uninsured will be greater than the costs of Medicaid expansion.”

Because we enjoy watching the Republican Party turn itself in rhetorical knots?

Kasich used a favorite trope of the right, religious rhetoric, to support the Medicaid expansion. At the State of the State, he said, “the Good Book says you don’t ignore the least among you.” It’s nice to see Republicans quoting something from the bible other than obscure passages from Leviticus about homosexuality.

Actually, for some of us it just comes down to dollars and cents.

Expanding Medicaid saves Ohio money. The decision to not expand Medicaid will cost Ohio taxpayers $404 million over two years. This is because if Ohio doesn’t accept the federal money to expand Medicaid, a lot of those uninsured will end up costing the state and local governments money anyway. They will go to emergency rooms or seek government services.

And this doesn’t even include the benefits to private Hospitals from not having to provide as much charity care – a benefit that should be passed on to consumers through lower insurance premiums.

As a wise man once said, “It’s all about the Benjamins, Baby.”