From the daily archives: Monday, March 4, 2013

Last year the State School Board hired Ray and Associates, an Iowa-based company that “specializes in educational executive leadership searches”, to help identify a new State Superintendent. According to the contract, the company will be paid a base fee of $32,000 plus additional costs for expenses up to $17,875 – or a total of almost $50,000.

The RFP issued by the Ohio Department of Education requires that the firm “conduct a thorough search for appropriate applicants” after they “develop and conduct a thoughtful, timely process for gathering State Board of Education, staff, and appropriate stakeholder input for establishment criteria for […]

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Joseph wrote the other day that “Plunderbund fully supports the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio.”


Because it’s the right thing to do?

Well of course. Reducing the number of uninsured Americans has long been a progressive goal. Health care is a right.

Because we get to agree with Governor John Kasich?

Some say that we have “a burning hatred for Governor Kasich” and an “obsession to demonize all things Kasich.” We disagree, and now we have proof that we CAN acknowledge when Kasich has a good policy.

Actually, it seems the Kasich Administration has come around to our […]

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“Which Members of Congress Want to Cut the Medicaid Match for States?”   That’s the follow-up question every reporter should ask state legislators about Medicaid.

The main complaint coming from Ohio Republicans about expanding Medicaid through federal dollars is that the federal match (FMAP) – currently set at 100% for the next three years and shifting to 90% by 2020 –  “isn’t set in stone” and its future removal would hurt Ohio.

That’s malarkey.

1.  The only reason it isn’t set in stone is that we don’t write our laws on stone tablets.  It’s law.  What they’re afraid of is that a future Congress […]

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In 2011 Governor John Kasich helped lead the charge against public sector unions in Ohio.   He put the full force of his office behind the effort to protect the union-busting provisions of Senate Bill 5, sending key members of his team – including Chief-of-Staff Beth Hanson – over to the pro-SB5 group Building a Better Ohio.

His efforts failed and Ohio’s workers won a victory.  As a result, the Governor’s approval rating took a nose dive.   Kasich has since tried to distance himself from overtly anti-labor causes like a proposed Right to Work ballot initiative, but his budget priorities […]

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