The Dispatch released the findings of an investigation into Internet Sweepstakes Cafes this weekend.  One of the big revelations: 58 percent of the identifiable cafe owners had “financial histories that probably would bar them from working at a casino, according to the state’s gambling laws. Those red flags include state, federal or local tax liens and bankruptcies.”

Funny story: at least five of the Republican legislators that will have to vote on the bill to regulate cafes also have “financial histories that probably would bar them from working at a casino”.

  1. State Rep. Andrew Brenner is on the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee that will initially hear the  bill in the House.  He and his wife have multiple federal tax liens totaling $42,000.
  2. State Rep. Ron Hood has been sued by multiple banks for over $100K in credit card debt.
  3. State Rep. Matt Lynch has had tax problem since the early 90s.   From the News Herald: “Lynch has been late paying other tax obligations, including six tax liens for failing to pay taxes on property he owned in the 1990s and twice for failing to pay unemployment compensation taxes.”
  4. State Rep. Peter Beck is accused of defrauding investors – including his own church – to the tune of $1 Million.
  5. State Senator Chris Widener is currently in hot water for passing legislation to provide financial assistance of $800,000 to a non-profit he founded.