From the daily archives: Sunday, March 3, 2013

Republican Governor John Kasich recently introduced his budget which included the expansion of Medicaid for Ohioans earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line.   The proposal has been wildly unpopular with many Republicans including, it seems, Speaker Batchelder’s hand-picked Health and Human Services  Sub-Committee chair Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville).

Gonzales just announced a panel discussion for this Wednesday with local and national right-wing groups.

The following have been invited to attend:

– 1851 Center
– Buckeye Institute
– Cato Institute
– Heritage Foundation

All of these organizations have come out against Medicaid expansion.

The Buckeye Institute, for example, published a […]

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We’re hearing State Rep Ron Hood is is preparing to introduce a version of Kris Jordan’s crazy, anti-law enforcement, unconstitutional gun bill in the Ohio House.

The bill would make it a first degree felony for any law enforcement officer – local, state or federal – to enforce a law that required Ohioans to register a firearm.

The Ohio FOP called the bill “grandstanding” and blatantly unconstitutional.

Hood and Wes Retherford, the bill’s other sponsor, are currently looking for co-sponsors in the House.

An attorney who regularly deals with constitutional issues described the bills this way:

Let me be blunt: this […]

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The Dispatch released the findings of an investigation into Internet Sweepstakes Cafes this weekend.  One of the big revelations: 58 percent of the identifiable cafe owners had “financial histories that probably would bar them from working at a casino, according to the state’s gambling laws. Those red flags include state, federal or local tax liens and bankruptcies.”

Funny story: at least five of the Republican legislators that will have to vote on the bill to regulate cafes also have “financial histories that probably would bar them from working at a casino”.

State Rep. Andrew Brenner […]

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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s Education Commission could clearly fill a necessary role in coordinating services throughout the city as long as they don’t alienate too many people along the way.

Beyond the Columbus City Schools, the Columbus area has many educational and community services for children that are fragmented and often a challenge for families to navigate.  These services might only be coordinated if they are willing to turn over their public/private management to a city oversight group such as the mayor’s commission.  The Columbus Zoo, the Columbus library system, Columbus Parks and Recreation, COSI, and even COTA, […]

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