From the daily archives: Friday, March 1, 2013

While our favorite Republican prosecutor, David Fornshell, was busy using his office to play politics for Kasich, the actual work of the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office was slipping through the cracks.

If Fornshell applies the same standard to his office as he does to critics of the Kasich Administration, he will start a criminal investigation into his own office.  But we aren’t holding our breath.

Let us explain.

Fornshell, you may recall, is the part-time Republican Prosecutor who pursued weak criminal charges against a school superintendent who was critical of Kasich’s school funding plan.  Fornshell’s investigation of the Superintendent was […]

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The Development Services Agency released the JobsOhio 2012 Annual Report today with some interesting information.

At the top of the list: the amount of money the private development organization is spending on salaries.

Three positions pay $255,000 a year, with the yearly average salary of nearly $94k – or $109K if the four intern positions are not included in the total.

Total salary for the year was $2.8 Million dollars. Another $1.8 Million was spent on “professional fess” and over $150,000 was spent on Travel.


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From the beginning we’ve expressed concern over the lack of transparency and accountability by JobsOhio.   The yearly report (below) released today has done little to quell our concerns.

The report provides yearly totals for things like marketing and consulting, but we have no idea of who was hired.

They also failed to reveal which private donors gave to JobsOhio over the past year.

Even more concerning, a large number of the closed deals have been redacted by the Development Services Agency prior to releasing the document – meaning we don’t know who JobsOhio is funding.

All of the missing […]

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John Kasich had a pretty great poll come out yesterday, with lots of interesting internals.

I’m going to assume that the Governor’s budget is the main driver of movement in the poll, though there’s also 1) local budgets, 2) shifting party identification, and 3) a lack of Obama ads for the first time in eons.  Sure enough, Obama’s approval rating within the sample has swung 5 points, mainly among white independents.

In the long run, though, Kasich’s support is based on superficial understanding of his tax hike and the Medicaid expansion.  Unless Kasich gets […]

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