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There’s a lot of hate among readers of the Columbus Dispatch.

The paper published an article about a Dayton woman who sued her employer.  She alleges that she was fired because she voted for President Obama.  The company denies the allegations.  It’s an interesting case which raises a lot of legal issues, and we look forward to seeing how it plays out.

But that isn’t today’s story.

Today’s story is the reaction the article has received in the comments section of the Dispatch.

Here are some prime examples (just a subset, sadly).  They are presented uncorrected.  Word of […]

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Last week, we featured several stories on the abusive efforts of a Republican prosecutor to silence and intimidate a school superintendent who criticized Governor John Kasich’s school funding plan.

We highlighted the story of Arnol Elam, Superintendent of Franklin City Schools.  Elam sent a letter to the parents and teachers of his district which said, in part, that “Governor John Kasich was untruthful . . . and in doing so, finally clarified that kids in poor school districts don’t count.”

Things got interesting when a Republican prosecutor told the media that he was opening a criminal investigation into the letter […]

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GOP lobbyist Neil Clark tends to tell anyone willing to listen, and some or don’t care to, that he and Gov. Kasich are tight.  Clark even claims he worked extra hard elect to Kasich, mainly to settle scores with enemies in the Strickland camp. Everyone, it seems, is “out to get” Clark,  according to Clark. So he tries to even scores. Scores  of scores.

So why the sudden attacks on the Governor?

Clark seems to be using his Facebook page in an attempt to send messages to Kasich appointees.

Recently, he commented on a note Vorys editors added to their […]

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We recently reported that one of the state’s top tax law firms analyzed the Kasich plan to expand Ohio’s sales tax to most services, declaring it to be a “nightmare.” Our reporting may have gotten folks at Vorys in hot water with the Kasich administration, as the analysis now carries the following note:

Funny, we never realized that “nightmare” was a technical term, but our apologies to whomever at Vorys we got in trouble.

The fact is, Vorys is not alone. To […]

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At the Columbus City Schools Board of Education meeting last night, the Board introduced a resolution that takes aim at the questionable direction of Mayor Coleman’s Columbus Education Commission.  Following on the heels of the resolution adopted by the AFL-CIO, the Board of Education is seeking to reaffirm the local community’s right to formally elect school board members  through a democratic election while seeking clarity around the actual intentions and goals of the Mayor’s commission.

The resolution (shown below) was read into the record and is slated to be discussed by the Board and […]

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For a day or two, Lima, Ohio dressed itself up as the proud center of the universe to welcome the governor.    From the reports I read,  the Kasich-led  assault on the town with a mobile army of politicians, media and curiosity seekers from Columbus had to be the biggest quake since  a ruptured crude oil line sent 77,000 gallons into Lima’s sewers, with the ensuing explosions and fires forcing the evacuation of 7,000 residents. That happened in the days of Gov. Jim Rhodes, no shy huckster himself even though it never occurred to him to move the State of the […]

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In Kasichville, three is not a crowd

On February 19, 2013 By

Gov. Kasich hit the trifecta in Sunday’s Plain Dealer with three upbeat pieces on the opinion pages to get you through those tense moments leading to his State of the State Address in Lima.

The headline “Kasich is thinking big and long term” appeared above Brent Larkin’s paean in which he lauded the governor for turning the state around from a half-century of slogging in reverse.

Just beneath that column was a piece by Tom Suddes that bore the headline, “A Kasich budget Dems could love?” That one suggested he might be able to satisfy wavering Democrats in the legislature.


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What’s the best way to avoid a criminal investigation in Ohio?  Be a Republican.

What’s the best way to have a prosecutor dig through your life?  Criticize John Kasich.

Recent news makes it seem to be that simple.

Joesph highlighted the case of Beth Trombold who was recently appointed to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).  Because some of the spots on PUCO are reserved for Democrats or Independents, party affiliation is important.

The Plain Dealer explains what happened:

Trombold, of Columbus, called herself a Republican when she applied for a different vacancy on the regulatory panel […]

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ECOT, the Ohio online charter school, is recruiting students to enroll in the school in time to take the Ohio Graduation Tests with the opportunity to get paid up to $100 (maximum $20 per test).  How is this “public” charter school using taxpayer dollars as an incentive to students through a check “made out in the student’s name”?

Furthermore, the stated requirement that a student must complete the test and answer all questions appropriately implies that someone at ECOT will be looking at student test booklets and answers — isn’t that a clear violation of test administration rules from the […]

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In the last General Assembly, Representatives Hayes and Patmon passed legislation in the House to modify the definition of the minimum school year requirements.  House Bill 191 sought to change from requiring a minimum number of school days to a minimum number of school hours.  When we analyzed the bill’s second iteration last year we discovered that the change to hours actually resulted in an increase in the number of hours required by school districts, possibly requiring an increase in funding to help augment this increase.

Hayes and Patmon are both back in the 130th General Assembly and so is this legislation, […]

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Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, one of Ohio largest and most respected Ohio law firms, put out an an analysis of Governor Kasich’s new sales tax plan yesterday.  Their conclusion?   “This tax expansion will hit Ohio businesses most directly and hardest.”

“If you can think of or describe an act rendered for a fee that is not expressly excluded, it’s a taxable service under the bill,” says the study.   They also note that this type of broadening has only been attempted a few times before and “Each time, the effort failed for political, economic, practical, compliance and/or […]

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