The White House put out a fact sheet today highlighting the impacts of sequester-related spending cuts on Ohio.   The cuts are broad and deep and cover everything from school funding to law enforcement.   A sudden, dramatic and unfocused reduction in federal funds to Ohio would have a devastating impact on budgets, jobs and the economy.

Ohio could lose $25.1 million for education, $22 million for Children with Disabilities, nearly $1.8 Million in funding for job assistance, $6.8 Million in environmental funding and nearly a million in grants for fish and wildlife protection.  Ohio-based Department of Defense employees could see $161.4 million in lost pay.  Law enforcement and public safety fund would be cut by nearly half a million dollars.

Tens of thousands of Ohioans could be furloughed or lose their jobs as a result of the sequester cuts here in the home of John Boehner’s, leaving the state and local governments to pick up the pieces.

The results could be devastating, especially at the local level, because the cuts would compound the already-massive cuts Kasich continues making to local governments.

Policy Matters released a report today showing local governments would receive $1.4 billion less in state funding in the next budget compared to fiscal year 2010-11 – even larger than the cuts in his first budget that resulted in increased local taxes and cuts to police and fire services around the state.

The similarity between the sequester cuts and Kasich’s cuts should not be overlooked.   Both blindly punish smaller government entities already strapped for cash.   But sequester-type cuts are exactly how Kasich is balancing his budget.

At least at the federal level, everyone seems to agree this is a bad thing.


  • At the state level, most people seem to agree that Kasich’s sequester-type cuts are a bad thing as well, but it doesn’t feel like our elected officials are planning to listen to us.

  • John W.

    The sequester is terrible. The Tea Party types will be happy about it, but the moderate Republicans are the ones who are going to get hurt. People will rightly blame the Republicans, because they are the party that wants the sequester to happen.

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