State Senator Kris Jordan recently introduced a bill  (SB 36) that would make it a crime in Ohio for a police officer to enforce any new federal firearm registration law.   Under the bill, any local, state or federal law enforcement agent found to be enforcing a federal law about gun registrations in Ohio would be guilty of a first degree felony, putting them in the same category as major drug traffickers and facing a prison sentence from three to eleven years.

You don’t need to be a constitutional scholar to know that a state can’t pass a law trumping federal law.  But we reached out to an attorney who regularly deals with constitutional issues for a more official opinion:

Let me be blunt: this bill is a whole lot of constitutional-crazy.  The proposed statute makes it a felony for a federal official to enforce a federal law in Ohio.   In other words, an FBI Special Agent who sought to enforce a federal law could be hauled into state court and sent to a state prison.  This plainly violates the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. 

Simply put, federal laws over-ride contradictory state laws, and states are not permitted to take actions to thwart federal law.  This is an effort at back-door nullification, a concept that has been uniformly rejected since before the Civil War.

And what would prompt Jordan to introduce a crazy bill that threatens to jail law enforcement officers for doing their job?TerminatorJordan

It could be Jordan’s fearful view of government and law enforcement. reports that Jordan spoke at a pro-gun rally this past weekend where he warned of a “police state” under a “tyrannical” government whose citizens are in “bondage”.   He later told reporters that the government is “trampling upon our freedoms”.

Or it could be Jordan’s own gun-related run-in with the law.

In late 2011, Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Jordan’s home after a frantic 911 call from his wife claiming Kris was drinking, carrying a gun and “pushing her around”.   Recordings from the scene indicate this was not the first time Jordan’s wife had been afraid of her husband’s “violent and physical” outbursts.

Jordan was investigated for domestic violence but no charges were filed.  He later called Sheriff’s deputies at home and accused them of trying to ruin his career.

Jordan got lucky.  Any normal schmo would have been in court.   But Kris is a big-name Republican politician in Delaware County so the charges were magically dropped.

For Jordan, a conviction for domestic violence wouldn’t just have ruined his political career, it would also have prohibited him from possessing a firearm under federal law.

Based on Jordan’s fiery rhetoric at this weekend’s gun rally, it’s unclear which of these consequences would have disturbed him more.


  • Are you F^$^$&^&%*^ KIDDING ME! You talk about frivolous law suits well this trumps all. How do these idiots get elected and then not held accountable for this crap? Really? I am ashamed to be called an American the way things are turning out with the large majority of state and federal politicians. They all think this is just fun and games when it is really peoples lives they are playing with. I wish for once the tables where turned and they were where a lot of the average Joes are and not the crazys and rich. Really this is about the stupidest thing I have heard of short of one major Ohio Politician whose name I will not mention.

  • dmoore2222

    These are chickens who think they’re tough guys. The ones who talk big and push women around but wouldn’t have the nerve to take on anyone who had the slimmest chance of bloodying their noses. You saw this in George W. Bush. A coward with a Rambo complex.

  • Bob M

    I so love these “We must defend the Constitution!” until we don’t like what it says types. Twits.

  • Jor Dough

    There is something seriously wrong with State Senator Kris Jordan (R) Ostrander (Delaware County) Ohio. His record as a politician is replete with ugly behavior and a fundamental disregard of the U.S. Constitution human decency and overwhelming components of bigotry and hate.

    As a county political hack Jordan was christened as “Gavel-Boy” when he suppressed and refused to allow free speech during a public comment session in a public meeting. His bigotry is best explained when his only comment; after a bi-racial baby was tortured and beaten to death – murdered – over an agonizing few weeks while Delaware County officials (under Jordan’s direct supervision) ignored repeated reports of serious child abuse, was that it was sad that Delaware County had to fire the derelict officials in the county’s miserably operated child services. Jordan’s antipathy to anything white and christian earned him the nickname “KKKris”.

    Jordan’s deficiencies may be related to his drinking, something a seriously diabetic person (like him) shouldn’t do, or, maybe, he’s just another GOP dumbass; who knows? Jordan does fit the model of a fungible conservative legislator willing to pursue the wild and crazy (and apparently unconstitutional) schemes others like ALEC dream up for him. Jordan’s never let an original thought clutter his pointy head.

    Drunken spousal abuse while armed with his notorious “40 mm” (Jordan’s words) Smith & Wesson Christmas present from his spouse (ironically fitting in a sick way) are what represent Delaware County Ohio – the home county of Ka$$usk, Yost and Tiberi There must be something in the water up there . Something real bad that makes you crazy.

  • dmoore2222

    Great comment.

  • dmoore2222

    They’re chumps.

  • Jordan reminds me of the 1963 incident where Governor George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door in a humorous attempt to keep the little blackgirl from attending class in a formerly segregated school. When he was told to step aside (and did) by U.S. Marshalls he really showed how brave he was, didn’t he? Wallace and KKKris belong in the same category…that being the category of “Stupid.”

  • anastasjoy

    Interesting comment. But shouldn’t the word “christian” be in quotes?

  • Jor Dough

    Probably. Actually, theres more to it, as pointed out by Natasha F. —

    You must mean: Jordan’s antipathy to anything NON-white and NON-christian earned him the nickname “KKKris”. Yeah, there are plenty of people who believe that he’s a horrible racist.

    Jordan was real big on praying to Jesus before every commissioner meeting even though in reality he was the most UN-Christian, dishonest, stupid and corrupt county commissioner. It’s hard to believe that Jesus or any other deity besides Satan guided Jordan’s malevolent politics.

    Jordan was famous for doing deals with developers and campaign contributors with county money and sparing no expense in rewarding those who donated and supported his limp political efforts. The county got worthless non-working public works and big debt.

    His bogus gun worship is an exemplar of the chicken-hawk politician who are, as Ann Coulter recently said about some libertarians, “p******s”, (Feline-like vernacular for female genitalia) Jordan and most of his contemporaries and peers among the GOP little boys in public office simply lack the will and capability to actually bear arms for this nation in the wars they love others to fight. Like so many misogynists, Jordan prefers to have a few drinks and push his wife a round all the while holding onto his puny weapon desperately trying to keep her from retaliating and defending herself.

  • SlapFat

    Kris Jordan loves his GOP memes so much he’ll make a bill out of one.

  • maybe they can pass a law that jails politicians who have a low public poll rating in regards to serving the public and be jailed for stealing time and money from the taxpayer through thier incompetence and likely criminal activity

  • anastasjoy

    Well, I just suspect that Jesus would not be impressed with Jordan’s behavior and would probably demand that he repent and change his ways, maybe demonstrate his sincerity by, oh I don’t know …maybe helping people in need?

  • missskeptic

    You want to know how these idiots get elected? In Delaware County, it’s simply a matter of placing an R next to your name and making a large donation to the local Republican Party. Many people will not speak out here for fear of Jordan retaliation. You have all heard the story of the sherriff deputies who were called to Jordan’s house – did you also hear that the Sheriff was forced out of office after this incident?

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