GOP lobbyist Neil Clark tends to tell anyone willing to listen, and some or don’t care to, that he and Gov. Kasich are tight.  Clark even claims he worked extra hard elect to Kasich, mainly to settle scores with enemies in the Strickland camp. Everyone, it seems, is “out to get” Clark,  according to Clark. So he tries to even scores. Scores  of scores.

So why the sudden attacks on the Governor?

Clark seems to be using his Facebook page in an attempt to send messages to Kasich appointees.

Recently, he commented on a note Vorys editors added to their tax analysis thanks to our story about the “nightmare” scenario of Kasich’s sales tax expansion plan.

In another recent post he asks:

What Republican Governor stated that he would “not meet with lobbyists but would meet their clients”. He now has a 36% approval rating?”

Ouch. This one inspires some important questions:

Is the “would not meet with lobbyists but would meet their clients’’ a suggestion that Kasich wants to meet these clients for fund-raising opportunities?  If so, Clark sure is taking a poke at the Big Guy.

If not, is Clark saying he personally is being shunned by Gov. Kasich?

The timing of this is a bit odd, too.  The prestige of Clark’s clients seems to have taken a dive now that he is representing so-called internet cafes in what promises to be among this legislative session’s epic battles between GOOD and EVIL.

Clark and the café guys defend them as just good old small businesses.

Law enforcement says the cafes are unregulated gambling enterprises that invite things such as organized crime and money laundering.  (You can read about some of café indictments here )

Despite his waning clout with the Governor, Clark still has sway with some Senate Republicans, especially embattled legislator Chris Widener, who has spoken in favor of the internet cafes.

At the same time, Widener has been under fire from the Plain Dealer and the Dayton Daily News for strange connections between legislation he sponsored and ties to past and present business endeavors.